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5 Key reasons why shelters dogs are best for adoption 

Street dog adoption

5 Key reasons why shelters dogs are best for adoption 

Adopting a dog is a big decision of responsibility as there are many crucial factors to consider before making someone a permanent part of your family. Adopting a dog, be it a street dog or pedigree dog,  is not only about providing a secure home and food, but also about looking after its health and happiness. Though many options exist for dog adoption, adopters tend to overlook shelters. Also compared to street puppies, pedigree dogs become the first choice generally. Here are 5 key reasons why shelter dogs are the best for adoption.

  1. You will give dog a second chance at life.

Abandoned, distressed, rescued, and dogs with special needs come to the shelter who passed through near-death experiences and may not have a chance to survive. By adopting them, you assure them that life is worth living and the world is not bad for them or anyone. It was the painful and unfortunate circumstances what they had to endure; maybe no one had control over that. But from here onwards, your world will be beautiful, and you will get all the love, care, security, comfort, and food you deserve.

  1. You will be a support to the animal care initiatives.

Most of the shelters are overwhelmed by the number of dogs that get registered with them. Due to financial difficulties or many other reasons, people leave their dogs with street dog shelter homes. As their number grows, shelters feel the pressure and seek financial aid. Adopting a dog from a shelter will decrease their burden, support their animal welfare initiatives, and make space for other needy dog.

  1. Shelter dogs are more adjusting and obedient. 

Most often, the purebred dogs are home-trained before coming to the shelter, on the other hand street dogs get food and behaviour training while being at the shelter. So being the street dog’s proud adopted parents, you don’t have to go through the challenges of basic obedience training.

  1. Shelter dogs don’t have price tags.

Individual dog breeders and commercial dog breeding companies often sell pedigree dogs with exorbitant price tags. They calculate prices based on many factors, including demand, shortage, and return on investments in a particular breed. On the other hand, shelters consider and focus more on rehoming solutions for their dogs than making money and labelling charges. All they look for is a family who could take care of their fur babies or some donation in return at the max.

  1. You will become a part of the dog well-being ecosystem. 

Not only will you find a unique companion from a shelter, who will have its traits and habits, but you also will get their exquisite loyalty and attention because of their past sufferings of abuse and trauma. Moreover, when you get a dog from a shelter, you get connected to the NGO offering adoption, which indirectly directly provides you access to the whole ecosystem of dogs’ well-being. For instance access to veterinary clinics, hospitals, dog service providers,  lovers and volunteers, dog adoption care programs and initiatives etc.

In short, when you get a dog from a shelter, you support all, the shelter, the dog, and the community. You will make a difference in your and the adopted dogs’ lives by always being in each other’s space to have beautiful, playful, emotional exchanges and spread happiness. Consider adopting a dog, as we humans are capable of alleviating the living conditions of animals.


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