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Help street dogs – it helps them and our community.

Help street dogs – it helps them and our community.

Help street dogs – it helps them and our community. 

Whether street dogs are a problem or in problem is the statement we have been asking people to understand and solve it. Can we imagine a scenario of our existence without street dogs around us? Think of a day when we don’t get to see them anywhere at all. Does that give a good feeling? If yes, imagine a day we ask ourselves how we managed to do that and if the feeling stays the same still. Fantastic! If not, we must now consider what we should do to help them.

Street dogs are a common sight in most parts of the developing nations. You see their presence outside almost all kinds of places taken over by human settlements. They naturally come close to residential areas to cohabitate with humans to access necessities such as food, water, and shelter for survival. But the major problem is that the coexistence of humans and dogs produces conflicts that arise from the inherent nature of both being territorial. Eventually, the onus lies on humans as being the smarter ones to take measures to address these challenges.

Living on the streets exposes street dogs to many challenges of living in harsh conditions. They are exposed to all kinds of hazardous waste littered by humans. When dogs feel starved and thirsty, they look for food in open garbage dump yards and water from the parasite-infested natural puddles or sewerage overflows. Forget about the contaminated, full of poisonous germs and infectious bacteria-laden food; sometimes, they don’t even get that enough. Brutal conflict and never-ending struggles to find food and control territories are the factors that give rise to the problems of dogs having and spreading fatal diseases.

Humans need to come forward and devise plans to rescue them from their present painful states of survival. We need to take steps for their welfare and well-being so that they can also live the life they deserve. Here are a few things that we believe individuals and governments must do to give them decent survival.

  1. Open more and more animal welfare organisations and NGOs to work for the street dogs’ welfare.
  2. Government initiatives to provide access to substantial grants and funding.
  3. Develop strict laws to protect stray dogs from atrocities, abuse, or torture.
  4. Build Infrastructure and provide resources through government programs for services like medical help, transporting, rescuing, sheltering, and rehoming.
  5. Initiatives by educational institutions to impart knowledge on the importance of caring for animal life, especially street dogs, as they cohabitate with us.
  6. Roll out community programs to educate people on how to coexist with street dogs happily and comfortably.
  7. Promote volunteering in feeding dogs food and water.
  8. Conduct spaying and neutering programs for the street dogs’ population growth.
  9. Broadcast emergency and helpline numbers for addressing dog-related issues.
  10. Showing kindness and respect to street dogs makes them feel loved and cared for.

In conclusion, street dogs’ coexistence with us is a critical issue requiring our attention, action, and approach. By providing Infrastructure of medical help, volunteering, donation, law, and opening many other potential avenues to help them, we can make a difference in our and the lives of street dogs. Remember that dogs deserve good living and access to basic essentials for living.

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