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How to treat or keep street dogs like your own pets

How to keep street dogs as pets

How to treat or keep street dogs like your own pets

It’s a common practice that people like to keep purebred dogs as pets and often reject the idea of making street dogs a part of their family. However, the ones who have adopted street dogs as pets find it a satisfying and rewarding experience. Keeping a street dog at home means giving it a new life besides love, comfort, and food. Please think of the fact that the dog that you may adopt will otherwise spend all its life on the streets looking for food, getting into gruesome dog fights, suffering from deadly diseases and sicknesses, and saving it from harsh weather conditions. All these reasons combined  makes us request that people save one of the street dogs from the ordeal of painful survival and open your heart to provide them a space inside or outside your house. Here are some tips on how to manage a street dog like your own pet.

The first step is to gain the trust of the dog that you intend to provide a secure home for. If you have been seeing it often, it must already be friendly to you. In this case, you start by keeping its food in the inner part of your house, and after having its food at a new feeding place for a few days, it will consider the new feeding place its own. At this point, begin spending some time with the dog after it finishes its meals. If possible, get a bed for it to sleep there comfortably. Initially, if you believe your money may get wasted because the dog may not adjust to the bed, just buy a cheaper one or lay a soft old blanket on the floor. The more time it will spend in your place with you, the more it will think of it as its own. Once it is fully comfortable and begins to spend more time, or looks forward to resting inside your house only, please start locking the main gates so it cannot go out. If it feels fine and does not howl to demand to go out, put it on a leash and take it out on a walk. If it stays fine while coming home from its walk and you can repeat this process without hassle for a few more days and before you know it, you will have a new family member – Congratulations!

If you don’t want to keep the dogs inside your premises but still intend to treat them like your own pets, then the effective method is to make a temporary shelter for them right outside your house. Make a feeding place for them next to their shelter. Please provide them with regular food and water supply, as dogs often have limited access to them. Please ensure you often clean their water bowls and regularly fill them with fresh water. The diet you give them must have balanced nutrition, including adequate carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and essential vitamins.

Once you consider them your pet, it becomes your duty to look after their complete well-being. Dogs are vulnerable to many common diseases like parvo, distemper, and rabies, so they must get their vaccination shots regularly. Also, consider having them neutered or spayed to control the unwanted growth in their population, improve their behavior, calm their aggression, and prevent them for getting serious illness when they are older. As it may be hard for you to handle the dogs while taking them to the veterinarian for health checks and vaccinations, you must consider taking the services of dog welfare organizations. They are professionals who are well-equipped to transport dogs and handle dog-related situations. Some dog Ngos may charge a specific fee, and some don’t, so you check their reviews and testaments and make an informed decision about the organization you would like to use.  But it is paramount that your street pet dogs outside your house go for regular health checks and stay free from diseases that can be transmitted to other dogs or humans.

We can conclude here that street dogs can be kept as pets as long as we have all the measures in place to take care of their food, shelter, and health. Please remember, once the street dog has come into your care, you must give it all the attention and love it needs and look after its well-being.

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