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We urge the community to come together for street dog / animal welfare as sweltering heat approaches.

requesting for animal welfare in summer hot weather

“We urge the community to come together for animal welfare as sweltering heat approaches.”

It is always heartwarming to see children and dogs engaging in playful or interactive activities together. We caught this video a few days ago. The video correctly shows how far we have evolved as a compassionate society, which is also on the track of positivity. We hope and wish more and more people think and understand the need for animal welfare activities and come out to contribute to uplifting street dog well-being. They must consider it something other than a one-time activity or exercise to help a dog; the help shall come in a continuum.

The weather indicates that it will be sweltering hot soon. We request that city residents arrange fresh water and food for street animals and birds outside their homes. It’s not that burdensome. Just keep a water bowl outside your house, and you keep refilling it after a few hours. Next to the water bowl, leave some food twice daily – morning and evening, preferably. If your budget allows, please buy a temporary dog shelter online or from a pet shop you know. If temporary dog shelters don’t fit your budget, please make a temporary one from cardboard. It will protect the dogs from the scorching heat and save us from any brutal conflicts arising from their discomforts.


Whooftown – an NGO for street dogs and other animals in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and around.

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