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When should street dogs be admitted to a shelter

When to admit street dogs to a street dog shelter

When should street dogs be admitted to a shelter?

Street dogs are a common sight; nowadays, it is unimaginable to live without their presence around. Unfortunately, they face many challenges during their lifespan and endure tragic living circumstances. From starvation to deadly illnesses, hunting for food, and looking for water and shelter, street dogs suffer pain daily. Although humans have created animal welfare organizations to help alleviate the survival conditions of street dogs, it is not always clear when a dog should avail of the facility. When should a dog be admitted to a dog shelter? This blog will explore a few factors for street dogs to be admitted to a shelter.

  1. The primary factor is a health-related issue. If you see a dog suffering from malnutrition, severely injured, infested with maggots and parasites, please don’t wait a minute. Call up an NGO or an animal caring organization to get instant help for it. Maggots infestations on the wounds are life-threatening and must be cured immediately. As it is hard for the rescue teams to treat the dog’s maggot wounds on the streets and to capture it repeatedly, it is always advisable to admit it in a shelter until its wound is completely healed and relieved from the larvae.
  2. Some dogs are more aggressive than others and have a history of biting people. Such dogs must be admitted to dog shelters for behavior evaluation and potential rehabilitation.
  3. Sometimes, mothers of newborn puppies die of road accidents or other reasons. Without mothers, inevitably, newborn puppies cannot survive. So, if you see puppies without a mother, abandoned, or utterly neglected, please call street dog shelters to send their rescue teams to provide help. Once the puppies manage to compose themselves, they become healthy and capable of living on their own, and please ask for their dog adoption.
  4. The overpopulation of street dogs is an issue that needs to be constantly addressed to control and prevent the population of street dogs from increasing alarmingly. Animal birth control programs like spaying and neutering are effective in keeping the population under check and control. Dogs need post-operative care for a few days after these operations and must be admitted to dog care shelters to get full health recovery before getting released.
  5. During harsh weather conditions, when water and food are scarce, and it is harder to find secure and cozy shelters, old and weak dogs may need to be admitted to shelters to protect them from extreme cold or hot temperatures.

To summarize, many factors determine when to admit dogs to dog shelters. The immediate need for their admission is always concerning their health issues, and other dominant factors include long-term planning to control their population. In every case, please take the advice of a veterinarian to evaluate the requirement of admitting dog to a shelter. Overall, we must work together to contribute to street dogs’ well-being and provide them the care and support they deserve as living beings.

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