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From dog daycare to grooming and healthcare to transportation, we offer a plethora of specially designed services catering to the needs of dogs and their owners. Our dog services ensure that dogs live healthy and happy lives and make it easier for dog lovers and parents to give their dogs comfortable access to good healthcare.

Dog boarding

We understand that you love dogs and treat them like family members, and we ensure they get the same treatment when they come to stay with us. We studied and implemented the topics of dog needs thoroughly before designing the layout of our dog care shelter. A dog’s comfort is the central focus at our dog boarding facilities. Our trained and professional staff is engaged round-the-clock in providing happiness and healthcare, including fun play exercises, timely meals and walks, and administering medicines and other vital nutrition. Besides giving them the love and attention they deserve, we keep our facilities well-maintained, properly hygienic, and fully equipped with all the necessary things your dog may need at any point.

Dog transportation

A need for a dog transportation service for pet owners arises when they need to travel with their furry companion but don’t have the means or space to take them along. Additionally, the biggest worry is the safety and reliability of transporting their dog. Whooftown specializes in providing secure and comfortable short to long-distance ground travel. Dogs have specific needs during specific intervals of their daily life; our experienced transportation team takes note of every minute detail about your dog and ensures that demand is met adequately during their journey. Our vehicles dedicated to dog transportation services undertake various tasks for the welfare of dogs, including rescuing and emergency care, taking dogs to veterinary hospitals and clinics for medical issues and health checkups, and giving the dogs a stress-free ride to their newly adopted parents.

Vet visit

Ask any pet parent of a dog shelter about how many times they have to take their dog to a vet in a month. Believe us that the answer will surprise you heavily. Whether the dogs are at home or the dog care shelter, vet visits are integral to caring for dogs as they ensure their health and well-being. The dogs at the care shelters need more medical attention as they are generally in their rehabilitation period – recovering from the trauma of being abused, neglected, and recused. Whooftown has a set of carefully vetted renowned veterinarians in its ecosystem for dog welfare entities who can help you identify any dog issues your dog may have and ensure that it gets proper treatment. Alternatively, you could direct us to take your dog to the veterinarian you trust. Our primary focus is to provide these essential services which can improve the overall health of the dogs in our care or, in general, to let them have pain-free lives.

Dog grooming

Grooming the dogs is vital to their appearance, hygiene, and health. Dogs’ coats are prone to tangles and mats, which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. Regular grooming is essential as it keeps the dog healthy and beautiful and helps detect lumps or skin issues requiring immediate vet attention. Dog grooming typically includes shampooing and bathing, hair and teeth brushing, hair-cutting, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, and these are all vital aspects of a dog’s good health. In addition, our grooming services can offer skin, flea, and tick treatment to ensure that your dogs feel their best. Our grooming team has tremendous experience handling different dog breeds and their behavioural issues: it also takes essential information from dog owners about their dogs before putting them in grooming sessions to ensure that the dog has a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Dog walking

Whether your dog needs to go for a walk once or twice a day, or the owner wants to avail help with the dog walking on a regular or occasional basis, our dog walking service can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of dogs and their owners. You can schedule walks for your dogs daily, weekly, or as and when required. During the dog walking duration, you could ask the dog-walker to offer more time to have a playful exercising session with your dog. For an additional fee, you could also request other pet care services such as administering medication, timely feeding, and frequent cleaning of the pet and its possessions. Whooftown pet walking services are specifically meant for owners who may not have the time and energy to take their dogs out for a walk regularly. Our dog walkers are carefully selected and ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.

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    17:35 24 Aug 22
    Whooftown - The Dog KingdomFor starters, what a charming name I must say for a dog boarding facility. I instantly fell in love with it. I used their rehabilitation service recently for a street dog whose health condition was continuously deteriorating. This dog lived on the streets where I and some other people in my locality used to feed him frequently. The story begins from here; I Google searched to call up a few dog-helping agencies and also rang up friends who stay in touch with such associations working for good causes to help this dog. Out of them, Whooftown responded utterly well when I called them to understand what best I could do for this dog to take him out of his agony. Besides preparing me for what I should be doing before they come to rescue the dog, they showed great concern while asking me a set of relevant questions about his health condition and location. The guy on the phone also told me straightforwardly about their charges of visiting, transporting, and boarding the dog in their facility – too direct no doubt. On the other hand, I, somehow, always liked this approach of not beating around the bush when the result is the same with everyone eventually. No doubts the charges were a bit more than compared to what I initially thought for a street dog, yet I confirmed in the affirmative. Within almost half an hour of my call, they reached the spot. Like a seasoned team full of professionals, they prepared their plan and marked their spots on the ground like centre-forwards and defendants in a challenging game. While exercising extreme caution, they executed their strategy well in catching the dog and putting him in their transportation van. Before leaving, again like a true expert, the leader, Harpreet, provided me with information about how the Whooftown team would be reaching out to me to send important updates about the rehabilitation period of the dog. As the team promised, I got the medical reports of the dog detailing his health parameters, vet visit records, and also random pics of him frequently sent. It was quite satisfying from the perspective of having the dog in the right hands and also the money spent judiciously. Again, coming back on track with this review, what I loved about Whooftown till now is their professional and proficient approach which is praiseworthy. Frankly, I never thought that a company would handle a street dog with this level of efficiency.The dog is still in rehabilitation - recovering from his maggot-filled dog bite wounds, and perhaps be back on the streets in a few weeks.To summarize, I am glad that I called Whooftown. I recommend them more than 100% to anyone looking to help street dogs. They are a team of brilliant specialists who know their work well. Not to mention, they are very polite and attentive to details. Their packages are reasonable and worth the effort they put in. Cheers Whooftown..!!!!
    Jyoti DhimanJyoti Dhiman
    05:42 16 Aug 22
    Very professional, prompt, very knowledgeable, attentive and polite which made me comfortable speaking with them about the street dog issues that I was facing in my sector. I used their vet visit and boarding services and seriously I am glad I used them. Full marks to them and no regrets at all. The only thing is that being professional they charge for most of the things but I guess thats may be giving them financial viability. They follow a very sensible approach to street dogs. Good work Whooftown..!!!
    Dear Whooftown,This feedback is not only a review but words of appreciation.To begin with, I am glad that I found you. Words can't describe the way your staff have helped my dog. I mean which staff would take such pain to come and rescue a dog from the drainage pipe? More than that, you guys never gave up and kept using your mix of professional and indigenous methods to get her out of the pipe to catch her. Your staff ensured that she doesn't feel nervous or lose her calm. It is also commendable how immediately after catching you guys took off to the vet and the diagnostic centre for the blood health check and x-rays done. Thanks for sharing the reports, keeping her safe and comfortable, and her photos of recovery. God bless Whooftown and its staff.
    vikaas arouravikaas aroura
    07:04 13 Aug 22
    5 Star rating for whooftown. Good company for helping stray animals. A week ago i contacted them for an injured dog in my locality in sector 32. The dog was in bad condition. His body was almost eaten by maggots. Whooftown asked for sharing a photograph and explained everything about how this dog could be handled. Also, they gave complete details of their charges and other information related to the recovery process of this dog. They came with proper gear and it was a bit of a challenge to catch the dog. But, it was worth watching their team coordination and effort. They carefully picked up the dog and took it to the vet for a medical check-up besides health troubles already caused by maggots. The dog is still with them and recovering well. This review is for thanking them for their professional approach to handling cases of street dogs. Thank you.
    Sakshi WadhwaSakshi Wadhwa
    12:32 08 Aug 22
    The owner has so much street knowledge about street dogs.In situations like dog fights, we normally panic and waste so much time figuring out what to do next!but Mr. Harpreet has constantly helped us and guided us in day-to-day dog-related care. Thank you for sharing all the knowledge with us.