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How to help street dogs during the harsh winter weather?

An enormous rise in the number of stray dogs raises concern about how to take care of them during harsh weather like winter. You can understand the plight of abandoned animals if you understand how difficult it must be to survive on the streets without food, shelter, or any reason to feel safe. The unfortunate stray dogs usually endure a dreadful fate every day, especially in winter, while we brace ourselves by slipping into our cozy sweaters, hoodies, and jackets. Whooftown is again back with some tips that can assist you in helping street dogs protect themselves during the harsh winter.


Make sure to feed them suitably –

Dogs usually cannot utilize their body heat when they are hungry. Therefore, it is a disadvantage for them if they are hungry while the cold winds are blowing in winter. It will be beneficial to start by feeding them healthy meals. It can help them keep fit with the proper strength they need to protect themselves from the cold winds. You can provide them with some milk, which helps to keep the body warm during winter. It is also essential to be mindful of what you are feeding the stray dogs. Add soya beans, chicken, and eggs to their meal to keep the nutritional value high and fight the cold.


You can buy jackets or blankets for stray dogs – 

You can get the dogs some jackets to keep them warm after dusk. Even if it is an expensive solution, it will ultimately be beneficial. You can choose a blanket instead of a coat if it is too costly. To cover the pups at night, you can buy an inexpensive blanket or use an extra one you already have. Place the blankets in the area where the dog generally lives.


Try to find a suitable shelter for the dogs –

Staying on the road in the open areas at night in the cold is more challenging for those who cannot voice their sufferings. We are all aware that temperature drops significantly after midnight, and it becomes really chilly at that point. Therefore, finding a place for the dogs to have a comfortable sleep is the best thing you can do for them in such situations.


Make temporary shelters for the dogs –

Can’t find a suitable shelter in such a short time? Don’t worry! For the time being, we recommend that you build a small shelter for the dogs until you can find a better place. You can make this shelter from leftover cardboard, boxes, and other materials. Inside these hand-made shelters, you place a warm blanket and a bowl of water for the dogs to enjoy their stay. It can also help you keep track of them regularly.

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