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Want to befriend a stray dog?

It’s not easy, but we have some tips to help you!

If you spot a dog in your area and want to become friends with that dog, you certainly could do that. Just some caution and take watchful steps.

We at Whooftown have listed down some vital steps for becoming friends with a stray dog:

  • The situation could be the dog is wary of people in a stressful environment, such as in the middle of the road. Any unexpected move you make to reach the dog could make the dog behave aggressively. Moreover, it can prompt the dog to flee hastily, possibly into oncoming traffic. Therefore, limiting your interaction with the dog may help him gain your trust.
  • Approach the dog with some food. Dogs often respond favorably to food. By giving them something they enjoy, such as chicken, meat, or a treat, they may start to trust you. Initially, place the food bowl a few steps away from the dog, then start bringing it closer slowly every day.
  • Use a different dog as an ally. Dogs generally prefer to be around members of their species. Consider taking your dog near the stray dog, and if the stray gets aggressive, you must proceed with extreme caution because you don’t want to endanger your own dog. Move away carefully if the dog begins to growl or flash its teeth. Bring yourself closer and closer if the dog starts to wag its tail or appears to be eager. The dog may eventually approach you and interact with you and your dog.
  • Stop a few steps away from the dog and extend your hand if it doesn’t seem alarmed by your presence. Avoid approaching it too close to avoid invading its personal space and overwhelming it. Wait for the dog to come and smell your hand. If it does, it indicates that it trusts your presence.

We remind you to be patient the entire time you try to approach the stray dog. It can be frustrating sometimes, but we assure you it is worth the wait.

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