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How to rescue a stray dog?

Rescuing a stray animal or dog can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to approach the situation with extreme caution. Here are some tips on how to safely rescue a stray dog:

  • Approach the dog very slowly and keep everything calm in the scenario around. Stray dogs are very cautious and may get aggressive, so it’s essential to give no dangerous signs to the dog. Try speaking softly to the dog. Don’t make sudden movements or loud noises, as this can startle the dog and make the rescue operation more difficult.
  • Gaining trust is always the key thing in all rescue operations. So try to gain the dog’s trust and confidence. Offer some tasty food like dog biscuits or treats, or spend some time with the dog – this will give the dog confidence in your presence.
  • Don’t try using a leash or collar immediately. Firstly check how it reacts to a lease. If the dog is playing with it and shows no distrust, you can try to put a leash or collar on it. Take a walk with the dog as if it’s a routine. Take the help of volunteers who work for animal help NGOs if you believe it is risky for you to handle the dog alone.
  • Be ready to call the NGOs for stray animals, government authorities for animal help, homeless dog rescue groups etc., to get professional service. They are well-trained in safely handling these kinds of situations and rescues. The other benefit is that they can offer rehabilitation facilities if the dog has deep wounds requiring operations, medical care, and sheltering. Also, the stray animal care NGOs have genuine data on people looking to adopt street dogs – they are good at stray dog rehoming solutions.
  • If you are OK with handling the dog and consider taking it to your home, please ensure that you visit the vet to get its health parameters checked. Surviving in harsh conditions for so long, you wouldn’t know what health issues it may have. Even if the dog seems healthy, it’s crucial to get it examined by a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.
  • Give the dog as much comfort as you can. Provide a safe and secure area to give it a feeling of security. In addition to that, feed the dog nutritious food daily, keep a bowl of fresh water that you must change regularly, and a cosy place to sleep. Pay attention to it, as you are its companion now, so ensure plenty of socialization, exercise, and training to help it adjust to its new home.

There is no doubt in saying that rescuing stray dogs can be a challenging but rewarding task. By following the above-mentioned helpful tips, you can not only rescue a stray dog in a better way but also ensure that the dog is safe and well cared for and has the best chance of finding a loving home and family.

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